BEAST MODE: Revolutionizing SOCIAL Fitness ENGAGEMENT Through Play!

Beast Mode: The Fitness Board Game is a passion project brought about though years of experience in the fit-and-health-industry, but more specifically, a genuine love of bringing people together for some good, honest and healthy fun.

To us “fitness” isn’t just about how “good” your body looks (not that that’s a bad thing!) but also community, sharing knowledge and (thanks to all your hard work) celebrating the amazing things you can DO with your body! 

We are super excited about this project and would LOVE to see a copy of our game in the hands of fitness-lovers the world over! We pledge (with your feedback) to keep developing and expanding our game(s) to find more fun and social-engaging ways to bring fitness-people together!

We know how hard you work on yourself; the sacrifices you make and (sometimes) how lonely your fitness-journey can become. With Beast Mode we want to help you celebrate your investment in a fit and healthy lifestyle with like-minded fitness-lovers!

Fitness is about hard work, discipline and sacrifice, but it can absolutely also be about fun. Beast Mode: The Fitness Board Game was created to help make that difference!

Much love and Gorilla Gains!
– Team Beast Mode


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