Beast mode: a social fitness gaming concept

Beast Mode: The Fitness Board Game is a groundbreaking concept that beautifully marries physical challenge, knowledge, and strategy with the fun and competitiveness of board games. Players engage in dynamic fitness exercises, mental trivia and strategic gameplay, in a fun and positive social experience! 

How to Play Beast Mode: The Fitness Board Game

Unpacking the Box

Inside you’ll find a game board, trivia and challenge cards, custom game dice, and custom game pieces. Also, of course, a game manual. Each part is essential to the gameplay, as they work together to provide a comprehensive gaming experience.

10 Step Gameplay Rules and Mechanics

1. Divide your solo players or teams (2-4). With each player or team choosing their most fitting (individual or group) game participation level: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

2. Each player or team chooses their game piece (gorilla, dumbell, kettlebell or protein shaker) and places it on the on a “START” position of the game board.

3. Shuffle, then place all trivia and challenge cards on the game board.

4. Make sure everybody is warmed up, with ample space to play, free of obstruction.

5. The pre-game starts with all players going “BEAST MODE.” The first to finish may roll the dice to start the game.

6. By rolling the dice, players either move forwards or backwards on the game board, or recompete to possibly take the lead by going “BEAST MODE”.

7. Each space on the game board corresponds with a specific trivia or body challenge that players must complete to keep their position on the game board.

8. Succesfully completing a triva and/or physical challenge means moving closer to the center of the game board to land on “Unleash the Beast”.

9. When a player lands on “Unleash the Beast” they must select and attempt to complete a “Beast Mode Challenge Card”.

10. Succesfully completing a “Beast Mode Challenge Card” means that player wins the game!

Beast Mode Strategy Cards

Upgrading your game with Beast Mode Strategy Cards brings your Beast Mode: The Fitness Board Game experience to the next level!

Added to step 3, shuffle and hand out 8 strategy cards (face down) to each player or team. Then leaving the rest of the strategy cards stacked (face down) on the side of the board game for later use during gameplay. 

Strategy cards may be used throughout gameplay; for example to make your challenges easier, other players challenges harder, to challenge players to (flex) duals, and/or by helping you skip/cancel the consequences of certain strategy cards. Only two strategy cards can stack, so choose and use your cards wisely!

Playing Solo Vs Multiplayer

We find that challenging your friends to play together adds a much more exciting social dimension and healthy competition to your gaming experience, than playing solo does.

Ultimately, the goal of Beast Mode: The Fitness Board Game is to bring lovers of a fit and healthy lifestyle together; to have fun, engage in challenge and bring out the best in each other! Try it for yourself, and we think you’ll agree that it does just that!


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