1. Is Beast Mode: The Fitness Board Game suitable for all levels?

Beast Mode is designed for people with a beginner to advanced level of fitness experience and knowledge. It is not suitable for someone with no fitness experience.

2. Can I play Beast Mode with an injury or medical condition? 

We do not recommend playing Beast Mode: The Fitness Board game, when inured. For those with ANY (potential) medical reason to NOT engage in physical fitness or activity, we always recommend discussing with your trusted medical advisor BEFORE playing this game.  

3. Can Beast Mode be played by all age groups?

While all challenges are scalable, the game is best appropriate for youth to adults. This also depends (of course) on the fitness level and experience of those involved. We do not recommend this game for children. 

4. How long is the gameplay?

A typical game lasts about 30-45 minutes, depending on the number of players and the pace of play. This time includes performing challenges.

5. Will Beast Mode be available internationally?

Beast Mode: The Fitness Board Game will eventually be made to ship internationally. Right now it is only available in the BENELUX and EUROPE. For more information about international shipping, please contact us directly via email. 

6. Can I use Beast Mode: The Fitness Board Game as a part of my regular workout routine?

Beast Mode wasn’t developed to replace or add volume to your existing workouts. However, parts of it could be used to add extra challenge and/or fun to them. Beast Mode: The Fitness Board Game is meant to help you challenge and celebrate your existing fitness level(s) and knowledge together with like-minded fitness-friends. Perhaps also to motivate you to work harder/smarter in the gym, and/or give you new fitness and healthy lifestyle goals to work towards! Nothing can (or should) replace your work in the gym!

7. What is the replay value of Beast Mode: The Fitness Board Game?

Beast Mode was created to be upgradable and expandable. But also, as challenges are scaled to different levels, and (because of its gameplay dynamics) every round plays differently! We think Beast Mode will keep you and your fitness friends coming back for more!

8. Can I play Beast Mode: The Fitness Board Game at home?

Yes! Beast Mode can for sure be played at home. Though this will depend on amount of space, players and/or equipment you have available. The challenge cards in our base game are all bodyweight and require no training equipment to play. Please just make sure your play environment is safe and free from obstruction.

9. Can I play Beast Mode: The Fitness Board Game at my Crossfit box, personal training studio or (private/commercial) gym?

Absolutely! This is where we think Beast Mode will shine its best! The more access you have to space, fitness equipment and (fitness) people, the better! Though, by all means, check first with your local gym/studio/box if they are okay with this. (Even if we still think it’s better and much less annoying than someone curling in the squat rack, haha.)

10. Can I play Beast Mode: The Fitness Board Game outside?

As of right now, our base game is meant to be played indoors. However, among the various game upgrades and extensions, we are looking into developing an outdoor model. Stay tuned for more info and updates!


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