Beast Mode: Jacked Edition

Beast Mode: The Fitness Board Game: JACKED EDITION

This is version includes the original Beast Mode: The Fitness Board Game, PLUS the first Beast Mode strategy card expansion set.


Unleash Your Inner Beast: JACKED EDITION

Step into the world of Beast Mode, a fitness board game designed to challenge your body and mind. Combining trivia and physical activity, this game offers a unique, engaging experience for players of all fitness levels.

  • Grit and Wit: A Winning Combo Beast Mode blends elements of fit-and-health trivia with exercise challenges, pushing players to think while working up a sweat. Each turn presents a new challenge, making it the perfect game for fitness and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts.
  • Customize Your Fitness Journey With scalable challenges and adjustable difficulty levels, Beast Mode allows players to tailor their gaming experience. Beginner, intermediate or advanced; this game provides a customizable challenge that makes winning possible at any level.
  • Connect and Compete with Friends Gather your friends and family for a heart-pumping, competitive game night! Beast Mode fosters camaraderie and healthy competition, motivating players to push their limits and achieve their personal best, both in and outside of the gym.
  • Use Strategy to win Beast Mode strategy cards are meant to bring your Beast Mode fitness competitive game experience to the next level. Play smart or play dirty, to win!
  • Strategy cards expansion pack set one: 15 different fitness-themed strategy cards (36 in total) are included in pack one that will boost your gaming experience. Cards like “EMBRACE THE SUCK”: making your opponent’s body challenges harder, or “DELOAD”: making your own body challenges easier, and “FORCED REPS”: making other players perform your body challenges for you.
  • Jacked Edition: This is version includes Beast Mode: the Fitness Board Game, PLUS the first Beast Mode strategy card expansion set.